Weekly Workout Recap– August 16th–23rd

Workout Recap 8.23.17

I’m thrilled to reintroduce a series that I used to feature on the blog, my weekly workout recap. Now that I have permission from my doctor to return to workouts, I’m excited to start sharing my workouts with you all on a weekly basis. Even though I had very little time to think about workouts the first two months of motherhood, I definitely missed the sweat and endorphins that follow a workout. In addition, I’ve received lots of questions from you guys about what I’m doing now that I received a clean bill of health from my OB-GYN last week.  While I’ve been cleared for all workouts, though it is recommended and only smart to ease back into things, I’m choosing to frequent post-baby or mommy and me workouts right now versus the typical, boutique fitness or group fitness workouts. Why you ask? Well, honestly, at this point in my life, it is a great way to build a commmunity and find support from other parents who are going through the same evolution that I am. In addition, since most of them include childcare or incorporate Katie into the workout, it means that I don’t have to think through the process of working out super early or late, before or after Bo goes to work. Don’t get me wrong. Once in a while I definitely want to meet friends for a workout, but these will most likely be reserved for Saturday workout and brunch dates.

So, now that we’ve covered those bases, let’s get to last week’s workouts, shall we?  In addition to the post-baby workouts I found while researching options a few weeks ago, you’ll see that I’ve discovered a few additional options due in part to the comments I received after sharing that post

  • August 16th – My friend Elizabeth convinced me to give CrossFit South Brooklyn’s Diapers & Dumbbells workout a try. I’m so glad she helped me overcome my intimidation of this workout as it is a great option for local parents! The postpartum focused Crossfit workout is designed to help new moms and partners return to exercise while inviting them to bring their children to the workout. The 1-hour class was taught by postnatal certified insturctors and included warm-up, strength and conditioning portions. My favorite exercises were the hanging lat shrugs and the sled push, two exercises that I’d never done before but each of which made me feel SO strong!  While I broke a sweat, Katie and the other children were just a few feet away being cared for by two lovely women who quickly cuddled with the kids, replaced pacifiers and played with them. Katie slept for half the class and then enjoyed some time on her blanket for the rest of the workout.
  • August 17th – Between running errands and going to visit a friend, I walked 5.8 miles throughout the course of the day.
  • August 18th – Total Body Balance workout from Gina’s Post Baby Bod ebook which included six exercises that I did in a circuit, each of which enaged the core and required a focus on balance.
  • August 19th – Bo offered to spend the morning with Katie so I could squeeze in my first post-baby Orangetheory workout. It was great to catch up with the Park Slope Orangetheory staff as they have become friends after all the workouts we took from December until June. The class was a strength class which was the perfect way to return to Orangetheory as I love the challenge of lifting heavier weights and learning new movements. As always, their head coach, Robin, did a great job providing me with a few adjustments for the ab series but otherwise I was able to do everything without modifications. For the treadmill portion I increased the incline and speed but stuck with power walking for my first week of woring out versus running or jogging.
  • August 20th – Rest Day
  • August 21st – Bo and I walked 1.5 miles to Katie’s pediatrician early Monday morning and then later that afternoon I completed the Total Body Workout from Gina’s Post Baby Bod ebook.
  • August 22nd – I met two local moms for a 3.5 mile stroller walk around Brooklyn Bridge Park. This was a nice change of scenery from my typical walking routes and will hopefully be a place that I frequent with her at least once a week. Since it requires a subway or cab ride to get there, I don’t think I can swing it too often but the cool breeze coming off the water and the city views were so nice as was meeting new moms.
  • August 23rd – This morning I was able to enjoy a 45-minute body-weight workout in Carroll Park with two other moms while Katie napped nearby. The workout, taught by Carolyn of CLT wellness, was a body-weight workout that leveraged the park benches and nearby basketball courts to help us break a sweat in a safe, efficient way. It was exactly what I needed today! The fresh air, breeze and cooler temps were great for Katie, while I benefited from the workout and comraderie after a tough night and morning with a fussy baby.
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Katie’s Two Month Update and Favorite Items

Happy Monday! We just survived Katie’s two month pediatrician appointment which I think was definitely tough. Katie received four vaccines today, three shots and one oral. While the oral one didn’t bother her the shots definitely left her red faced from all the crying. We did our best to feed during the shots but even that didn’t help at points. Oh well, luckily she is upstairs sleeping right now and seemed far happier after some nap time on mom and dad.


As of this morning’s appointment her stats are as follows:

    • Weight: 10 lbs 13 oz
    • Height: 24 inches

At two months she is wearing size one diapers and 3 month clothing. As she continues to grow, we find that simple tasks such as changing her clothes or diapers, feeding her and just cuddling with her continues to become easier as she is far less fragile than she was last month.

This month we hosted my parents and Bo’s mom for return visits and continued to introduce Katie to our friends and family, but having fewer visitors allowed us time to find a rythym as a family of three. We continue to love mornings together, as Bo and I spend at least an hour feeding, burping and playing with Katie before he leaves for work. She loves spending time in her Boppy Lounger while we read and sing together.


We are still following the Moms on Call method which is working out very well for us. Katie has thrived and gained weight while also napping well and as of a few weeks ago, sleeping through the night.  While the Moms on Call method isn’t perfect for everyone and there are many different opinions on schedules, we have been pleased with it thus far and would have changed if it wasn’t working or if she wasn’t gaining weight. We of course use the schedule as a guide, but provide ourselves the flexibility to ensure we are living life and adjust it to accomodate both our needs and Katie’s. For example, yesterday we attended an adorable first birthday party in Fort Greene Park. Since the party was 12-2pm it meant that we fed Katie during the party and she didn’t get the same quality of nap that she would get in her bassinet or crib. Since we knew she was tired, we let her nap a bit longer when we got home. She is currently sleeping from 8 PM until 7 AM most nights, though she will sometimes wake up around 4 AM hungry or wet. If she does, I change her and nurse her for a few minutes.

Once she started sleeping through the night I had to decide how I wanted to manage my pumping schedule in order to maintain my supply. Since I am still on maternity leave, I have decided to wake up around 3 AM to pump Monday through Thursday, while allowing myself to sleep on the weekends and instead do a power pumping session in the evening while Bo and I are watching a movie or reading.

This month I also overcame my fear of giving Katie a bath. For the first month, Bo and I bathed her together but as her bedime became earlier this wasn’t realistic considering Bo’s work schedule. After watching a few Newborn Bathtime Routine YouTube videos, I found a bath routine that worked for me and have succesfully bathed four to five times a week since then. In addition, since baths seemed to calm her so much, I tried giving her a bath before her first evening feed (4pm) which in turn has almost eliminated the “witching hour” for us as she now naps well in the late afternoon and evening following this bath.


Due to her long length, she has started to outgrow her bassinet and therefore starting last week we have begun the transition to the crib and nursery. So far the transition is going well. She has fallen in love with the Peter Rabbit mobile that is above her changing table, often staring at it with a smile when we’re changing her or even trying to reach for it. As parents, we’ve fallen in love with spending more time in the nursery as it is such a soothing space and the glider is SO comfortable.

Since I’ve received a few questions regarding the items we’re loving now that she is no longer a newborn, here are her favorite things this month:

I’m sure I forgot to mention a few things so if you have any questions, as always please feel free to email or leave a comment. In addition, if you want more frequent updates, I’m sharing lots on InstaStories and Instagram. Also, in case you missed it, here are our favorite newborn items!

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A Symbol of Change

As I sat in our master bedroom this morning, nursing Katie in our large, navy chair while listening to the rain drizzling on our tin roof,  I sit in marvel and amazement. We are going through a season of change as we embrace our role as parents.  We never planned to have our master bedroom be the nursery for the first few months, in fact, we have a finished nursery just steps away that has barely been used.


In fact, I spend hours each day in this corner, staring down at the little face as I feed her.  In the early weeks, when Katie was losing weight and needing constant attention, our bedroom became “home base”. The bay window nook quickly became a nursery nook, complete with bassinet, nursing station and pumping supplies and our long dresser became the changing table. While there are so many things that reflect the change we are going through, nothing symbolizes this more than our dresser.


This Pottery Barn dresser was one of the first joint purchases Bo and I made together. I remember searching and saving our money for months, nine years ago, to buy a bedroom set for our first apartment in New York City.


Two years ago, when we moved into this apartment, I spent hours on Pinterest, design and lifestyle blogs and flipping through the pages of design magazines searching for inspiration. I wanted this dresser to be the first thing that greeted us when we entered the master bedroom. The dresser was styled, always polished in immaculate style and adorned with fresh flowers, a blue and white vase, my favorite candle, and a perfectly angled framed photograph. Even when other parts of our bedroom, including the dresser drawers, were a mess, I kept this bedroom centerpiece dusted and organized.

Now, as I look at the dresser, I see clutter and chaos. But, the change that has happened over the past eight weeks is that this clutter doesn’t stress me out or cause anxiety. Instead, in this chaos, I find happiness as each item that is covering the once stylized dresser is a symbol of this season of change.

First and foremost, I notice the diapers. Once perfectly organized in an adorable bag, the clean ones are now over flowing from the bag while a single used diaper sits on the edge of the pad.  I smile at the neatly folded, wrapped and sealed dirty diaper. Within the first few days, we learned that the tighter you fold them, the more we can stuff into the diaper pail. The tight fold also means that less odor seeps out of them after changes.

Then, I see Katie’s outfit from yesterday. I remember during the first week, when our small daughter seemed so fragile, that I was scared to change her outfit. I told my mom that she’d most likely see Katie wearing only kimono tops as these didn’t require me to pull anything over her head. Now, I laugh to myself as yesterdays outfit not only went over her head but it was also outfit number two as I quickly changed her after our morning burp session resulted in more than dribbles. In my opinion, after a few hours, dry formula and milk smells worse than a dirty diaper and therefore can sometimes mean that we change outfits more than once a day. But, now that she’s almost eleven pounds and not nearly as fragile, I no longer fear outfit changes.


Next, there is the pile of burp cloths. They don’t match and there is a mix of styles, prints, sizes, and brands. The first week, I thought that the six burp cloths we’d received from friends and family at our baby showers were more than enough. In fact, I told my parents they could take a few home to Savannah. My dad laughed and told me that when I was desperate for more, the Gerber cloth diapers serve as inexpensive, wonderfully large burp cloths. Now, we have more than twenty burp cloths including these Gerber ones and yet every time I go to burp Katie, I feel like the pile is running low.

Finally, there is a crumpled to do list. Each morning, I take a few minutes to jot down the things I want to accomplish, knowing that I may only get one or two done each day. As I’ve mentioned on here and to friends and family, once upon a time I thought I’d spend her long naps reading, cleaning the house and making her newborn scrap book. Instead, I’ve come to realize that those long naps quickly evolved to multiple, shorter naps many of which are shorter than expected.  Katie loves to play and interact, rarely wanting the nap that she so desperately needs. My sole purpose and goal of maternity leave are to nurture, love and support our growing girl. So while the pile of clothes may go unfolded and the library books were quickly returned, each day that I see her smile and personality come out more and more, I know that I’m succeeding. I still make this list, not to cause anxiety, but to help keep me organized so when I do have a few spare moments, I remember the most important items that day, which sometimes may be to pay the rent, submit bills to insurance, prep dinner, or remember to buy milk. It’s a good thing that I remember to include “make Katie smile” at the top of the to do list each day.

Who knew nine years ago, when Bo and I purchased this dresser, that it would one day come to represent one of the most wonderful seasons of change we’ve experienced?

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